Complexity from simplicity

Through simple and graphical compositions, Euphony is built like a melody between complexity and simplicity.
The term Euphony is usually used in poetry to specify a pleasant succession of words and structures. 

On this project, I took its definition and play with it to define an abstract way to represent it with graphical visuals.
The goal was to create something unique for each iteration, to finally have a collection of complex moving structures.


One geometrical shape, one environement.

The initial state of this project was the gyroid pattern. It's a natural pattern found in micro structure.
Every complex noise is based on that, in order to get a feeling of a family and get coherence between each other.

Build in Houdini, this allows me to iterate and modify its source code to get an infinity of different looks, between organic and straight patterns.



Type design & animation

Look dev


Directed by Sylvain Gaussens
Type design & typography animation by Théo Scheid
Audio by Blink Audio