Hublot MP-13
 Product Launch

Hublot’s latest technical and artistic masterpiece — the MP-13 — uniquely features a double-axis tourbillon and dual retrograde dial that we had an opportunity to bring to life in motion for its launch at Watches and Wonders.

The opening part of the film teases at the unique visual aspects of the watch and is designed to evoke futuristic supercar associations.The tourbillon turns around two axes, both rotating once per minute with a mechanism that counteracts and equalizes the effects of gravity. A tip of the hat to the pioneers at CERN in Geneva, we explored concepts of time and gravitation in the form of light trails, quantum fluctuations, black holes and massive rotating axial structures. 

The other unique feature of this timepiece is a dual retrograde dial, which resets the hour hand to the zero position on each hour. In the film, we focus on the watch hands and build up to a break in the forward momentum of the music and motion as the hand snaps backwards. 

Along the journey, there are always ideas, R&D explorations and discoveries that end up on the cutting room floor. Some transform or are adapted for the film and others just didn't quite fit. Below are some of our favorites.